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AC installation - Central AC or Mini Split

AC installation - Central AC or Mini Split

Our homes are our zone of comfort. It might be tough for a homeowner to make a decision on which type of air conditioning system to choose. Do you know what is the difference between traditional ducted central AC or ductless mini split? If not, you are in the right spot. In this article we will take a closer look at both systems, will run you through the pros and cons of each of them and help you decide which one is right for you.


Better zoning and temperature control

If you have mini-split indoor unit in each room – you can control the temperature in each room independently from each other. You can even turn off cooling or heating in a room that is not being used at the moment.

Energy efficiency and lower utility bills

Since climate in every room could be controlled separately – there is no need for mini-split outdoor unit to run constantly, thus mini-split will consume less electricity and homeowner’s utility bill will be lower. Moreover, most of mini splits also equipped with variable-speed compressors by default, meaning that they can control the power of the system and its energy consumption.

No ductwork

Replacement and maintenance of a ductwork might be costly. Also, ductwork often needs to be adjusted for a new central AC system. Ductwork needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Less noise

Mini split systems work much quieter than central AC systems.


Less filtration

Ductless systems do have filters, but they are not as effective at air filtering as central AC units.


If you have multiple mini split indoor units – it means you have many copper line sets between mini split indoor units and outdoor unit. Quite often they run on the internal walls of the house and might not be visually pleasant. Having indoor units hanging on the wall also might be unusual for the homeowner’s eye. In addition, some mini split units require installation of condensation pump machines together with the indoor units.

Pros of a CENTRAL AC

Simplicity of a control

Most of a traditional central air conditioners have one or two thermostats. Hence, it is easier for a resident to turn on or turn off an AC system in the house. Most of the modern thermostats also could be controlled from smartphones via W-Fi.

Better air quality

More air quality equipment could be integrated into central air conditioning systems: for example, UV lamps, electrostatic air filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

More suitable for big houses

Perhaps traditional central AC systems are more convenient for large dwellings where entire home should be cooled or heated at the same time

Better heating

This only applies for traditional central AC systems with a gas furnace – they are more effective for heating compared to mini splits. Mini split systems work as a heat pump – that is use electric cooling and heating, therefore they are usually slower for a heating (we discussed this in our previous article).

Cons of a CENTRAL AC

Less energy efficient

Central AC systems usually requires more electricity to run due to the fact that they have cool or heat entire house and the fact that they have to move air through an extensive network of ducts. Thus, homeowners end up paying higher utility bills.

Less efficient zone and temperature control

Temperature cannot be controlled in each room with central AC unit. Most central AC systems have one or two zone controls either for each floor or each part of the house. So if someone at home prefer colder or warmer temperature – they have to agree on certain average temperature at home that will suit all residents.

Additional cost for duct maintenance

In case installation, replacement, modification, repair or cleaning of a ductwork is needed – it can get as expensive as installation, replacement or repair of the central AC itself.


To sum up, there is no universal solution and it is crucial to assess all factors to find the best solution. Ultimately, the best choice between mini split and central AC will depend on the homeowner’s comfort needs and budget.

If you live in Austin area, Texas, and need AC repair and/or AC installation servicescontact us and will help you to find a solution that will meet your needs.