HVAC & Appliance Repair
8am - 8pm Mon-Fri, 8am - 12pm Sat
Residential HVAC service contract (per one furnace and air conditioner up to 5 ton)
Combined* Heating & Air conditioning system contract.

What will you get?
HVAC Benefits:
  • Two annual checks (before summer and winter).
  • 15% Discount for repair or any additional service, if such is required.
  • 10% Discount for the parts.
  • One emergency call (appointment will be scheduled during the next 24 hours after the call, excluding national holidays, natural phenomena, and disasters).
  • Telephone and text consultation during normal working time (8 am — 8 pm, Mon-Fri).
  • One condenser coil cleaning per contract term.
Check includes:
  • Visual inspection of all system elements.
  • Check system with the infrared camera.
  • Testing the system with thermostat.
  • Carbon monoxide inspection.
  • Verify amperage and electrical connections.
  • Cleaning or replace air filter (filters are not included)
  • Capacitors inspection and test.
  • Inspect combustion.
  • Check all limit switches.
  • Inspect relay and contactors.
  • Cleaning contaminations.
  • Inspect and lubricate (if suppose) moving parts and motors.
  • Freon charge check (if required).
  • Inspect condensate pan and drain line.

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