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Built-in GE refrigerator repair in Georgetown, Texas

Installation and Repair
Refrigerator repair in Georgetown, Texas
🔧 In the heart of Georgetown, Texas, our qualified technicians from Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair Austin recently embarked on a mission to revive a struggling GE built-in refrigerator. The challenge: inadequate cooling and a weary evaporator fan.

With precision and expertise, our team diagnosed the issue and seamlessly replaced the evaporator fan, breathing new life into the refrigerator. The hum of a fully restored appliance is music to our ears!

If your refrigerator is singing a different tune, give us a call at 737-757-7313, and we'll bring the expertise to your doorstep. Book an appointment online or request a callback on our website: fuseatx.com. Your satisfaction, our commitment! ❄️🔧