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AC repair in Round Rock, Texas
AC Rescue in Round Rock: A Success Story!

One of our valued customers in Round Rock, Texas, recently reached out to us for help with their struggling AC unit. The air conditioner wasn't cooling properly, so our team at Fuse HVAC Austin quickly sprang into action.

Upon inspection, our expert technicians discovered that the evaporator coil was dirty and nearly clogged, which was causing the AC system to struggle. After a thorough cleaning of the evaporator coil, the AC was back to running smoothly, keeping our customer’s home comfortable and cool.

This experience highlights the importance of regular AC maintenance. Make sure to replace air filters regularly, clean the condenser coil annually, and maintain clean AC drain pipes to keep your system efficient and long-lasting.

If you're in need of AC maintenance or repair in the Austin, Texas area - reach out to us! Call or text 737-757-7313, or visit our website www.fuseatx.com to book an appointment or request a callback. We're here to keep you cool!